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Team Building … or Deconstruction … ?

Teams and team building is an important part of any workplace.

We recently had a rare opportunity to have all our  staff members on site at the Ivowen base in Clonmel and this was the perfect opportunity to hold a team building session.  It was a fun afternoon’s activity where everyone had the opportunity to take a little time out, wind down, have some fun, a lot of laughing and get to know one another a little better outside of the work zone.

We decided on a Caricaturist workshop, where we got some lessons on how to draw a Caricature and then let us test our new Artistic knowledge by drawing a team member each (these results are under lock and key unfortunately – for our eyes only!)  But, we did get the professional to draw a Caricature of each team member, the results as you can see are pretty impressive but can you guess who is who??


Who is who..