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Company Announcement – Majella Ryan FTOPRA

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Majella Ryan FTOPRA

Ivowen are pleased to announce that Fellowship of The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs (FTOPRA) has been conferred on Majella Ryan.  According to TOPRA:

The award of a Fellowship is intended to recognise a contribution in which the individual has used his/her professional knowledge and experience to influence, guide or develop the profession in a proactive way.
While clearly the individual’s regulatory experience and current senior position achieved are important, what is also looked for is a consistent record of activities or influences extending beyond the confines of the individual’s day-to-day activities.”

Majella Ryan has been in the regulatory affairs business for over 20 years and in this time has worked in both small and large multi-national companies, setting up Ivowen in 2002. Since then, Majella was involved in the set-up of TOPRA in Ireland, acting as the inaugural Chair in 2001/2011, as well as speaking at various conferences and providing extensive regulatory training to companies around the world.  In addition, Majella is actively engaged in the publication and explanation of regulatory and guidance updates via Ivowen’s website, and via Ivowen’s EU network, EuDRAcon.  As part of Ivowen’s daily work, Majella is involved in the high level regulatory strategy and support of complex projects and products like biosimilars, paediatric investigation plans and clinical trials, eCTD implementation, regulatory pathways to approval, Brexit planning, and much more.

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New Year, New Start, New Management….

Ivowen wishes to announce that our beloved founder Majella Ryan has decided to retire this year.

She co-founded the company in 2002 and has spent the past 19 years working tirelessly to establish Ivowen as a no-nonsense, hardworking, one stop shop for practical regulatory solutions.

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Although we are sad to say farewell, we are all very excited for Majella and wish her the very best with her new adventures once Covid is finally contained and it is safe to travel again.

The company has been taken over by our very own Alice D’Alton who is now the Managing Director.  Alice has been running the company alongside Majella for the past 5 years and is dedicated to maintaining the high quality and utmost professionalism you have come to expect from Ivowen.

This will ensure that our amazing team continues to do what Ivowen does best, to guide our clients through the weird and wonderful world of Regulatory Affairs.

You can expect to see updates to our website finalised in the coming weeks as well as informative news articles on where Regulatory Affairs is heading in 2021 and beyond …

So, as always, if you need any help in registering medicines in today’s world contact us and Ivowen will gladly be here to assist you.

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