European Regulatory Affairs Limited

We have some exciting news to share – as many of you are aware the company’s name changed to ‘European Regulatory Affairs’ in 2020 and we have continued trading as ‘Ivowen’ to facilitate this transition.

After many years as ‘Ivowen’ we are thrilled to announce that we are shedding our old moniker and stepping into the future with our new name. So, say goodbye to ‘Ivowen’ and say hello to ‘European Regulatory Affairs’ (ERA). A new ‘ERA’ one could say.

You can be assured that our commitment to providing top-notch services will remain unchanged, we are still the same company with the same values, just a new and improved wardrobe.

So watch this space for our new website design and new signage – coming soon.

We look forward to the years ahead of continuing to be your go-to provider for regulatory services in Europe and beyond.

Alice D’Alton

Managing Director