CESP delivery system updated

The latest CESP system, version 2.0, was officially launched on October 1st 2015 (https://cespportal.hma.eu).

Ivowen has been using this facility regularly and can help to guide you through any aspects that you may be struggling with. There are a few new features which sets it apart from the old version:

  • The delivery file creation, has a new look and layout, with similar drop down menus but in a more user friendly format. The individual member states are now represented by the National Competent Authority logos, as well as their corresponding country flag.
  • The new dashboard feature is easy to find and provides you with real time statistics on what has been uploaded and subsequently delivered.
  • It incorporates a new tracking system which includes the following details:
  1. Delivery Created
  2. Delivery Completed
  3. Data Uploaded
  4. Data Delivered

You will still receive the e-mails confirming delivery, so you can file them.

  • There are also statistics presented in this space (in the form of bar charts) which provide an overview of your CESP activity in 2014 and 2015.
  • You can now also view delivery files which have been created but have not yet been utilised, and these delivery files can now also be re-downloaded but must not be re-used..
  • Furthermore, there is an Integrated delivery file system within CESP, which is very easy to use, but if you wish you can still work with your SFTP (e.g. FileZilla) as before.”

Please contact us if you would like any help with using CESP or have any other inquiries.

Written by Alice D’Alton

AD photo